Thursday, 9 January 2014

What is Interior Design?

As we have become more affluent and blessed with more recreation time, style has become more important to us and is something with which we want to imbue our homes. But style is very personal notion, why should anyone look to employ someone else an Interior Designer to tell them what is right?
Good Interior Designer adds a new dimension to a space. It can increase our efficiency in the way we go about our daily lives and it adds depth, understanding and meaning to the built environment .Thoughtful and the well crafted design makes a space easier to understand and experiencing such a space lifts the sprite, too. It is therefore, not just about the aesthetic. It is practical and the philosophical discipline. Beautiful spaces betray a logical and the rational questioning of the status  and can be an honest attempt to find new and exciting ways to lead our lives.

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There is often some confusion between the terms interior architecture, Interior Designs and Interior decoration. What is distinction between the different professions? The distinctions are not absolute. Where boundaries are drawn depends upon several factors. Where boundaries are drawn depends upon several factors. Though not definitive, the explanations below give an indication of the different roles and responsibilities of those who work involves the design of the habitable space.
Architects use plans like wall, floor and ceilings to define the space that make up to combine to make up a building. They are trained design structure from scratch .They will take intellectual and the practical considerations into accounts.
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Interior decorator generally works with the exciting spaces that do not require physical alteration. Through the use of the color light and surface finish.